We are a small mom & pop operation or I guess you could say a papa & granny
operation.  We have been striving to improve our bulldogs and I think we have!  
We devote a lot of time to the care of our moms  & dads and of course the
babie's!  We only raise English bulldogs.  We have a nice, clean kennel & a big
backyard they can play  in.  This environment makes a difference.  We have
learned from experiences & help from friends and have become very
knowledgeable about buldogs.  I think you will like our quality of puppies.  We
raise our puppies on our enclosed,heated & air conditioned porch,so we are very
close to them at all times and enjoy and love them a lot!  The puppies (and adults)
always get lots of attention.  We take great pride in all of our dogs and very proud
of all the puppies we sell!
stockton bulldogs english bulldog puppies for sale                         
located in wister oklahoma